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Accessloss.com is an american LLC created in 2022

Our goal is to become the first entreprise that you can trust if anytime you get hacked on:
- Instagram
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Tik-tok

General statistics of Instagram

Celebrities as Leonardo, Beyoncé, Taylor Swif, Selena Gomez and even the White House of America have been hacked at least once
Instagram has more that 2B accounts all around the World
Instagram has about 700M active users, 1/3 are entreprises
Instagram has grown about 300% since 2017
Our story

Words from the creator

Someone sent me a link on Instagram. I wrote down my username and password. All my credentials were in hands of somebody! Then I realised that I was another victim of social media phising
After 20 long days sending video selfies, e-mails, calling and receiving no response, I realized that I had to try another way, because Meta doesn't have as many employees to recover all the accounts that are hacked every day in the world
After testing very different systems, I hit the spot. I found the correct system to unhack personal IG accounts. 

A friend of mine had been hacked too, then I called him and I unblocked his account in less than 3 hours!!! I gave him his new double authentication factor, he changed his password, changed the hackers telephone and e-mail, and recovered the control of his account! He was very happy.
I realised that my system was good, that’s why I thought about creating  accessloss.com as a real company. I was able to convert a menace into an opportunity. That was amazing!!! By now we are able to recover both personal and business accounts. We are the fastests ones, and the most reliable.
We are a legit company, we are reliable and we don't accept to do strange things: if your intention is to have the password or 2AF of someone that is not you the answer is NO. We use a mandatory system with video calls to make sure that the person that is behind of the request is the real owner.
Our success rate is about 94%, we offer facilities with the payment and we are the fastests ones. You are in good hands.
Best regards, the Accessloss .com team
The hacker didn't do more harm because I hired them! otherwise the situation would be worse!
It was worth it to hire them, they gave me a real solution!
They speak different languages, what makes the experience even better
They recovered my IG account in less than 24H
They unhacked my account very quickly, everything is under control now
This is the best company to recover your account, simple, easy and fast
No doubt they are the best, the most professional and trustfuly
My company was losing a lot of money until I hired their services!

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