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How to recognize an Instagram account that has been hacked?

Recognizing an account that has been hacked is key to being able to use Instagram safely. Hacked accounts seek to harm us and compromise our information. Many of them have already been abandoned, read on.

Unfortunately, on Instagram and Facebook there are millions of impersonated profiles or using third-party images, and they are accounts that are active (yes, millions).

Usually these are accounts that were usurped and used by hackers until «burned» that is, they tried to connect with all the followers of the account, putting into practice their evil intentions, until all the followers realized that behind this one was not the owner of the account and the account practically became inactive. We can also understand that this account was never recovered by the owner and was abandoned.

To avoid this type of attacks, there is the option «send to requests messages from people I don’t follow» that works like a spam folder.

To recognize this type of accounts I am going to leave you some guidelines to follow, so you can identify them more easily:

  • Type of posts: they usually have several uploads in the same day. For example, if you have 10 posts, 3 of them were uploaded last Monday, 3 last Tuesday and 4 last Wednesday. Something does not fit since normally even the most active users do not usually upload more than one post per day. Many of these accounts usually have pictures of sexy girls in swimsuits, and have a link in the description, do not open this link, let alone click it, you will not get any benefit from opening this link, believe me.
  • Interactions with the profile: it is strange that someone who has 30,000 followers uploads a post and only gets 5 likes, isn’t it? Also the number of comments is not very proportional, with 30,000 followers, having zero comments is quite rare.
    As soon as you come across such an account, you should block it, it’s not going to bring you anything good, at most it can be a like or a comment. It will not change your life for one more like, one more follower or one more comment. Block any user you find suspicious
  • Type of publications: photographs of attractive women in swimsuits, which usually invite you to have a conversation via video call, are another type of infected accounts that as soon as you agree to open a conversation, they may send you a file with a worm inside, which as soon as you download it will infect your computer, endangering files, credit cards and access to other applications. In computer jargon this can also be called a Trojan.
  • Who is behind it? Using voice messages to communicate with the person behind it and uncover their identity is the key. On rare occasions, we have recovered accounts behind which there was a person of African origin, but the posts were posted by a white person. How do we find this out? We require them to answer us to a whatsap call (which is free) and so it is easy to define whether or not it is who they say they are through their voice, because as a person of color speaks, they have a different accent, and these criminals usually speak with a street style.

If the person who appears in the posts is a black person, and the person who sends the audios sounds Caucasian, we would be in the same case of non-concordance, don’t you think it is equally suspicious? We have also come across this case. Applies for every kind of scam on the internet. Be careful!! 🙂

Phishing of Instagram accounts happens all over the world. We confirm this fact since when recovering accounts and restoring the cell phone, we have found phone prefixes from many different countries on all continents.

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