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What should I do if my Instagram account has been hacked?

The first thing you should do is to notify your closest contacts, friends, family, clients, suppliers… You can use another Instagram account to do so,
family, customers, suppliers… You can use another Instagram account to make the news public or another
public the news or another social network to spread the news.

Not reporting the account is key so that we can more easily access to its

Do not announce to your contacts that they should report the account.
Meta suspends an account after receiving a number of reports and it becomes more complicated for our team to access this information in order to have the account located

The hacker has impersonated you. What does this mean? It means that at this moment
is using your account to scam other people who believe that the one behind the screen is you.

Your contacts will think it is you, so the trust you have with them and a bit of «innocence” from them and will make them fall into the hacker’s traps: to buy Bitcoin that will never reach their
Bitcoin wallet, steal the user and password of their own social networks for or any other type of economic crime.

You can learn more about the most common types of cyberattacks that hackers launch in order to hackers launch to impersonate your account here

It is essential that your followers do not reply to your messages or open any links.
If they fall into the trap, they could blame you later and say that it was you who asked them to make fraudulent payments…and how do you prove that the person who was behind wasn’t you?

It is important that your followers don’t stop following the account, this way we can get information on what they are doing with the account. In case you put it in private mode, we will be able to identify your user in private mode, just to see what he is doing.

Getting in touch with the Accessloss team immediately will assure you a 94% of your account recovery, you can contact us by clicking here.

A member of our team will assist you free of charge in English, French and Spanish to study your case and see the possibilities of recovering your account.
It is important that you answer the questions with sincererity to speed up the process and do it clean.

«Step 1: Change your password immediately».

In most cases changing your password is impossible. One of the
first steps hackers take to gain control of your account is to change your email address and send a new one there.
change the email and send a new password there. When you try to change your

Instagram password, security@gmail.com sends you an email that says.
«someone is trying to change your password, please confirm it is you.»

Step 2: «Verify your account information.»

If you’ve lost access to support@instagram.com emails and security@instagram.com, it’s because the hacker has changed all this information. You no longer have anything linking you to your account. The only way for you to get your account back is to give us the current username of your account and leave it in our hands. We have a 94% success rate.

«Step 3: Disable two-step authentication»

If you have a two-step authentication code, change it. The hacker encoded a numeric 2AF code of the type » 2222-4444″.

As soon as you have your new code, replace it and click OK. Now your account domain is yours again.

«Step 4: Contact Instagram for help»

It’s important that you go through the entire Instagram security process. Instagram often takes a long time to get back to you, sometimes they never will, so engaging our services and contacting us can be crucial.

«Step 5: Prevent future hacks of your Instagram account.»

Conclusion: regain control of your Instagram account.» Once we’ve recovered your 8-digit code and you have access to your new password, it’s important that that 8-digit code is not shared with anyone. It’s your master key, what you’ve been looking for. After opening your Instagram account, change the phone number and emails that the hacker changed. Accessloss appreciates that you provide us with this data, so that we have macro data on where these types of impersonation crimes are occurring the most and provide this information to the local police in the country in question.

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